Personality Profiling
By understanding your own behavioural strengths we can help you to maximise your potential in the workplace. Our skilled practitioners are experts in the field of behaviour and will work with you to understand and improve your effectiveness. 80% of all great leaders have high Emotional Intelligence which comes from understanding themselves and how we can all work well together using our different behavioural strengths to develop strong team performance and outstanding results. Elaine Godley is our lead consultant on profiling, she has years of experience and will contact you when you receive your profile and work through it with you.

Every individual has behavioural strengths and also limitations. Very often we find that people are not achieving their full potential simply because they are in the wrong role in an organisation (a square peg in a round hole). Maybe they have made career choices that are not congruent with their behavioural strengths meaning they are fighting a losing battle, decreasing their self esteem and reducing their confidence.

Every scrap of information which our system documents all about you is provided. We do not sell you pieces of reports to tease you, and then ask for more money before releasing your total profile assessment, as many companies do. Our aim is to help individuals to maximise their potential at every step in their life and especially in their career where we spend much of our time.

We enjoy great success in helping individuals in business, business executives, team leaders, managers and chief executives.

A profile is an inexpensive way to find out about your own behavioural strengths. We help you to maximise your potential by showing you how to use the information in your profile to best effect.

Unlike many organisations we will not provide a profile without also giving feedback. Most people find the profiles helpful on their own. However, we believe that our feedback and guidance which puts your profile into context in your personal world, is the added value part of our process which makes all the difference to you and is invaluable - in fact ‘priceless’ according to some of our clients.

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Elaine Godley