CLOSING THE DEAL - Why we're there

Typically those who have been in sales for three years or less and those needing a refresher and new ideas.


A strategy for putting yourself in the best position for a positive outcome.  'Closing the deal' looks at the stages of a sale and what's needed at each to move the sale forward positively. 

Influencing skills, both obvious and subtle to help build trust and credibility; people prefer to buy from those they get along with. 

How to build a proposal that puts across a strong case differentiating you from the rest. 

If we are thorough at each stage of the sale we shouldn't get many objections but chances are we'll get some; we give an effective process that works with the customer to turn these around.

Each video (there are two) is 25 minutes or as long as you want.  Each is divided divided into sections with its own exercises and notes that can be taken at your own pace.  

£79 +VAT (single user license).

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“SPT sales training expanded my knowledge and increased my confidence by providing me excellent information and support throughout the online and face-to-face training sessions.”