SPT Online is an offshoot of our sister company, SPT Consultancy, focussing initially on sales skills.

What’s it about
The working environment has changed significantly over the twenty years that SPT have been in business, we work under greater time pressure and financial constraints but still need high quality. To meet these challenges, SPT are launching a series of short but comprehensive online courses, initially in sales but to be joined by customer support and management modules. With online you can go through the course when and where you want and because the trainer doesn’t have to be there and there’s no training room, costs can be brought down significantly. There are also face-to-face workshops, these follow on from the online courses and are shorter and more cost effective.


We explore two techniques for discovering what the customer really wants.

  • Creating/Uncovering Needs
  • Developing Needs
  • Types of Needs


In this module we develop initial contact skills.

  • Prospecting
  • Making Appointments
  • Opening The Call


Different ways of presenting and proving  solutions and their impact. 

  • Three ways of presenting solutions
  • Three ways of proving your solutions


Things that need to be in place to be in the best position for a positive outcome. 

  • Influencing skills/ Making proposals
  • Handling objections/Asking for the order


Working with people and getting them to change. 

  • From identifying the opportunity to action planning. 
  • Keep people on-board even if resistant.


The four step process from mission to action plan

  • For performance management
  • of routine, project management and coaching.

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'The on-line modules for the sales training were really good, easy to follow and helpful, following this up with the course was a good way of putting what you'd seen and read into practice with the role plays'.

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